Small Business Loan

Asia Pacific Finance Plc.

Always offer to the person who wants to expand their business activities with a great loan for the funding of trade service, production/processing of various commodities.


  1. Fast approval and convenient inquiry
  2. Competitive interest rate
  3. Flexible grace period
  4. Flexible loan term and repayment mode
  5. Attractive refinancing scheme (lower rate)
  6. Convenience of payment channel


  1. Age: 18 to 65 years old
  2. Have own residential address
  3. Have a good credit record and reputation
  4. Have own legal business providing the particular income
  5. Have right repayment capacity


  1. ID card or passport or family book
  2. Collateral Documents (strong/ soft title deeds, guarantee, etc.)
  3. Current documents authorizing an individual or enterprise to do business (business license, patent, registration certificate), (if available)

How to apply

Visit a nearest branch or Call to 023 884 561 / 884 562