Car Loan

Asia Pacific Finance Plc.

You can get a new car like your imagine. With long Term accumulate.


  1. Fast approval and convenient inquiry
  2. Competitive interest rate
  3. Flexible grace period
  4. Get loan amount until 60% ofcar price
  5. Convenience of payment channel


  1. Age: 18 to 65 years old
  2. Have own residential address
  3. Have a good credit record and reputation
  4. Have own legal business providing the particular income
  5. Have right repayment capacity Have own capital at least 30%


  1. ID card or passport or family book
  2. Current documents authorizing an individual or enterprise to do Business (business license, patent, registration certificate), (if available)

How to apply

Visit a nearest branch or Call to 023 884 561 / 884 562