Cambodia Economic

  In the last five years, economic growth has been strong, with an average of 7% which has helped to improve the standard of living of Cambodians and reduce poverty from 53% to below 17% in 2016. Inflation is well managed under 5%.

Portfolio and risk management

  We will continue to monitor our portfolio to ensure that Asia Pacific Financial Plc has the strongest positions for long-term, sustainable growth and overseeing the on-going operations and strategic direction of APF. We strive to train and support risk management and risk management operation and risk management operations in accordance with the framework of the institution.

Fostering an integrity and good governance

  Integrity and accountability are the cornerstone of the reputation of APF. We establish standards of integrity designed to promote ethical behaviour throughout the organization, and foster a business approach that makes a positive impact on society and the public.

  We have clearly structured management and strong policies. In addition, the Board of Directors actively participates in the discussion, identifies strategies for the institution and resolves institutional issues. The Board of Directors must respond appropriately to the needs of the organization by fully participating.

Achievements in 2016

  In 2016, AFP has obtained the following results:
• Total Assets: 1,242,228.00
• Outstanding Amount: 615,578.00
• Total Active Borrowers: 62
• Operation Area: 1
• Total Staff: 34

  Asia Pacific Financial Plc. has continuously developed and strengthened its operation in the face of market movement and a highly competitive operating environment. The board and shareholders have confidence that APF’s leadership, strategy and human resource will achieve the best results.

  We would like to recognize the efforts of APF’s employees, whose great work is a key contributor to APF’s success and who show remarkable commitment to our customers and stakeholders.

  I wish to thank APF’s management and staff for their hard work, dynamism and strong dedication to grow the business in harmony with customers’ growth. We also wish to thank the Board of Directors, shareholders, customers, and especially the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) for their continuous support and advice.